• October 8, 2017

DIY Wedding Shower Gifts

DIY Wedding Shower Gifts

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This weekend our friends Erica & Myles tied the knot!  It was such an incredible day; a perfect reflection of who they are.  It was filled with genuine moments, and so much laughter.  Congratulations again my dear friends! ♥

Because their ceremony was very unconventional, I was asked to read A Lovely Love Story.  Erica said I could have some fun with it; we even joked about a puppet show.  So when I was out shopping with a friend a few days before the wedding and we stumbled upon a dinosaur onesie – it became very clear this needed to happen.  But one does not simply sneak into a wedding wearing, or even carrying, a neon dinosaur costume.  Luckily the ceremony and reception were taking place at the same location, so I was able to construct my plan:

  1. Have an oversized bag for their gift (I’ll be sharing what I made them in another post!), and place the onesie in the bag.
  2. Go to the hall with the gift bag; nothing strange about a wedding gift bag at a wedding!
  3. Choose a spot as far to the left or right as possible, to ensure you can easily walk up to the front, but also not be surrounded by people on either side. This will also give you space to hide the bag next to your chair, and out of the way.
  4. Once the bride has made her walk down the aisle, and while everyone is still standing, very quickly pull out the onesie and place it at your feet.
  5. When everyone sits down and the ceremony begins, sneakily slip the onesie on up to your waist. Then, grab that oversized scarf you were wearing and place it over your lap so that if the groom looks over in your direction he does not get blinded by the neon dinosaur colours.
  6. As your moment to read approaches, slip your forearms into the sleeves.
  7. When the officiant says “And now is the time I would like to invite Katrina to read for us.”… stand up, slide your arms in, sling the shoulders up, give yourself a quick zip, and proudly pull the hood up. Then try to keep it together while the bride cries from laughter.

It. Was. Perfect.  Thanks again, Erica & Myles, for letting me be a part of your wedding day.  I can’t imagine I’ll ever be able to dress as a dinosaur at another wedding, so I am glad it was at yours!

I’m going to do 2 separate posts about gifts I made for Erica & Myles.  First up is a set of graphics I worked on as a wedding shower gift.  Since I knew I would be off work for a little while, I was trying to find ways I could decrease our spending, but still give a purposeful gift.  So when Erica mentioned she still needed wine labels, I jumped at the chance to work on those with her.  While we were making those I also offered to make up their wedding programs.

The challenge was merging their interests to create some cohesive designs that would still look classy enough for a wedding. Erica always rolls her eyes and laughs at me when I refer to her wedding as classy… but that was my goal! 😉

Wedding Gift Design Wine Label
Wedding Gift Design Wine Label

For the wedding programs, Erica had a few asks: include all the important people, make it fun, and include some time-passing puzzles.  I wanted to make sure the colours were cohesive with wedding décor and the wine labels we had previously pieced together.  I’ve removed last names for this share, but they were included for the print versions!

I am certainly not a design expert, but it was a lot of fun playing around with these designs!  Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the making of their actual wedding gift. Hint: it took about 40 hours to make!

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